Born in Central America and currently residing in North Carolina, he received his degree in Graphic Design while living in San Diego. Oscar watches over the design and marketing department as well as production and labor. Basically he is in charge of figuring out how to make things happen with a nonexistent budget. "Just put it out there and see what happens!"

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An avid outdoors person enjoys simple pleasures of life. Inspired by nature, she draws energy from biking and hiking. As head of operations she is tasked with convincing people to get things done with a nonexistant budget. Her life motto is "Always be moving". Yeah!

"An albatross is the grandest living flying machine on Earth."

Those are the first words in the article written by Carl Safina for National Geographic titled On The Wings of the Albatross, which was the inspiration for our name. Safina goes on to describe how the albatross can spend months, sometimes years beyond site of land and cross oceans just for breakfast.

"Seek Refuge from Within."

Our tagline stems from a passage in Safina's article where he describes how the albatross is exposed to the most hellacious punishment on the ocean; "they have no cover and must find refuge from within," he writes. We promote the independent spirit in everything we do and one of our goals is to showcase lesser known independent designers to our customers.

But as tough as the albatross is they run into trouble with fishing boats and are in decline in some areas. Check out our links page to see what's going on in the world of the albatross and see how you can help. You can read the entire article by carl along with some great images from photographer Frans Lanting through this link, On The Wings of the Albatross.